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We believe childhood is not for sale. We are committed to fight relentlessly for a better childhood in the digital age.

Will you join us?

#1 STOP the Online Exploitation of Kids

We believe that the innocence of childhood needs to be protected. Kids like Tim need our help to advocate for safety online. They deserve to be heard. We believe tools for online safety are inevitable, but tools alone are not enough. We need legislative change.


Change is only possible when children come before leadership and raise their voice.


We host an ongoing Roundtable for Child Online Safety and unite  youth advocates, families and top level leaders to advance child online safety to protect kids online. Help us call our nation's leaders to action.



Endorse the EARN IT Act

The EARN IT Act was formed by National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) to “develop recommended best practices for providers of interactive computer services regarding the prevention of online child exploitation misconduct.” Patrick A. Trueman, president and CEO of the NCOSE, states, “While Big Tech argues against more accountability, we know that by creating a commission of experts, the right balance between privacy protection and child protection can be found.” You can learn more here.

Image by Harold Mendoza

#2 START Safety by Design

Kids are one click away from violent hardcore pornography. In our day and age, kids do not find pornography. Pornography finds them and shapes their sexual template. Age verification requires all sites hosting porn to require that users be age verified, with ID, before they can access content. You can learn more here.

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#3 SPEED family proposed solutions

Mindless sharing can have dangerous consequences. All it takes is changing the reshare button. Learn more here.

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