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We protect children
from online harm and exploitation. 

Will you join us?

Childhood is Not for Sale

We Want to
Equip You

Are you looking for tools to keep kids safe online?

Do you need solutions to helping kids overcome destructive media habits?

Do you want to know how kids can be empowered to reject online harm and exploitation

You are in the right place.

Parent and Student Presentations

Surveys to Address Your Greatest Needs

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Wired Human protects children from online harm and exploitation. Wired Human is committed to preserving the innocence of childhood through digital leadership training programs, research, and elevating the voice of youth to advance digital responsibility.

The Issue

Predators online,

blackmail, non-consensual nudes going viral, and unwanted exposure to traumatizing sexual content are synonymous with childhood in the digital age. Every other child has experienced some form of child abuse online.

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Gretchen Blycker,
Mental Health Counselor

Lisa and Jason Frost have offered a profound gift to parents, adolescents, teachers, and mentors.

Endorsement of the Glass Between Us

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Katherine Lee, 
School Counselor

Jason Frost addressed

exactly what our students needed to hear (...) We have already seen a shift in our student body perspective after just a month. 



Mark Batterson,

New York Times Bestselling Author

Navigating the digital world is more complicated than ever. With all of its dangers and detours, we are called to steward that dimension of our lives. Lisa and Jason help the next generation of parents and children do just that.

Endorsement of the Glass Between Us

Our Vision

Our vision is for every child to grow up free from online harm. Imagine if children were no longer victims of a broken web but empowered leaders, ready to create a better digital future.

Keep Kids Safe and Sane Online.


Despite living in a day and age of a broken web, it is possible to keep our kids safe and sane online.

We have put together a short checklist for you to assess whether you have the right foundations in place in your home or school.

Our educational approach is based on our "Rumb model."

Find out more about the Rumb model here.

Want to Change Digital Culture?

  • How can teens develop healthy online habits?

  • How can kids be empowered to reject porn?

  • How can we raise kids to value people over pixels?

  • How can we set healthy boundaries around tech?

  • How can we become digital mentors?

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The Glass Between Us

is a value-based guide that is filled with stories, interviews and evidence-based solutions that empower teens to steer away from the exploitive side of the web and closer to the vision and purpose they desire for their lives. 

Name, Title

The Glass Between Us (…) will surely equip parents and professionals to empower teens to make healthy choices online."
Donna Rice Hughes, Internet Safety Expert, Author, Speaker and President of Enough Is Enough

“Everyone in America should read The Glass Between Us.”
Warren Binford, Children's Rights Expert, Professor & Director, University of Colorado, TEDx Speaker

"Impassioned and well informed, Team Frost gently but firmly awakens parents to the realities of life with screens."
Gary Wilson, Author of Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction

"I highly recommend The Glass Between Us.”
Bill Johnson, U.S. Congressman, Ohio

“This is an incredibly important and timely book.”
Adam Smith, U.S. Congressman, Washington

“This must-read is for every parent seeking to instill digital and relational values to last a lifetime.
Liz Walker, International Authority on Porn Harms, Education and Advocacy


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Take a 30 Day
Digital Reset
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X No Laptops
X No "Googling"
X No Social Media
X No Digital Entertainment   


After years of the pandemic and hyper-screen dependency, we believe the world needs a digital reset. We are campaigning for a movement of families to follow.

Are you with us?

+ One Trail

+ One Tent

+ One Family

+ One Adventure


"What propels me forward is wanting to see this generation grow up happy, healthy and fulfilled."

Lisa Frost
Author of the Glass Between Us, 
Co-Founder of Wired Human,
Educational Expert,
Certified in Systematic Training
for Effective Teaching


"It is my heart to empower this generation to steward value-driven media habits that support their goals and vision for life."

Jason Frost,
Author of the Glass Between Us,
Co-Founder of Wired Human,
Master in International Human Rights (L.L.M), specialized in Children's Rights
in the Digital Age

Hear from Us
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Our Why

With unhinged access to the curated lives of others, infinite entertainment options, and algorithms pushing never ending stream of sex on demand, digital habits undermine human connection and often lead to digital exploitation. 

We are dedicated to protect childhood innocence in the digital age.


Our Pledge

We recognize the inherent dignity of all children and youth. In light of the best interests of the child, we strive to see that the well-being of every young person is respected and protected. We pledge to protect child and adolescent development in the digital age and are devoted to advance digital responsibility that allows kids to place emotional and relational literacy at the forefront of their social and emotional growth. 


The Facts
  • Children spend an average of nine hours a day online.

  • The average age of receiving the first smartphone is eleven.

  • Most children never receive effective digital mentorship on how to use their devices.

  • Depression and anxiety in connection to technology use have tripled over the last decade.

  • Today’s hyper-connected youth are considered the loneliest of all generations.

  • The loss of deeper relationships coupled with tech overuse are leading contributors.

  • Cyberbullying, and device supported self-harm are some of the greatest threats to mental health of our time.

  • More than half of 11- to 13-year-olds have encountered porn.

  • Only 18% of those 11 to 13-year olds who have viewed porn sought it out intentionally. This means that 82% of them came across online porn unintentionally.

  • Parents are not aware of just how much access their children have—75% of parents claimed their children had not viewed porn, but 53% of the children of those parents told the researchers they had in fact viewed porn.

  • 47% of teens say they have seen content online they wish they hadn’t seen while in lockdown, and one in seven (13%) see harmful videos everyday. 

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