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Starting on Digital Wellness Day, we will be exploring the Appalachian trail for 30 days, almost completely unplugged:

X No Laptops
X No "Googling"
X No Social Media
X No Digital Entertainment

+ One Trail
+ One Tent
+ One Family
+ One Adventure

After a year of the pandemic and hyper-screen dependency, we feel like the world needs a digital reset. We envision a movement and have been developing a "30 Day Digital Reset" journal for families to follow and get the most out of their digital break. Follow our adventure here: 

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"It is my heart to see this generation make value-driven media choices that support their goals and vision."

"What propels me forward is wanting to see this generation grow up happy, healthy and fulfilled."
- Lisa Frost
Author of the Glass Between Us, 
Co-Founder of Wired Human,
Educational Expert,
Certified in Systematic Training
for Effective Teaching
"It is my heart to empower this generation to steward value-driven media habits that support their goals and vision for life."
- Jason Frost,
Author of the Glass Between Us,
Co-Founder of Wired Human,
Master in International Human Rights (L.L.M), specialized in Children's Rights
in the Digital Age


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Launching in July 2021


Read Wired Human's Interview with National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Coalition to end Sexual Exploitation: July 20-24, 2021

Connecting to Protect Global Summit, October 13-15, 2021

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With unhinged access to the curated lives of others, infinite entertainment options, and a never ending stream of sex on demand, digital habits undermine human connection and often lead to digital exploitation. 

What if teenagers learned how to be guided by core values? 

We want to inspire this generation to build value-driven screen habits that lead them closer to the dreams and aspirations that have their fervent yes.



We recognize the inherent dignity of all children and youth. In light of the best interests of the child, we strive to see that the well-being of every young person is respected and protected. We pledge to protect child and adolescent development in the digital age and inspire life-values that place emotional and relational literacy at the forefront of their sexual and social growth. 


"Jason and Lisa have done a phenomenal job laying out the realities of what's available online, the potential emotional and mental wellbeing impacts, pitfalls to avoid, and guided discussion questions."

- Liz Walker, International Authority on Porn Harms, Education and Advocacy

"Impassioned and well informed, Team Frost gently but firmly awakens parents to the realities of life with screens, not shying away from the Web's underbelly."

- Gary Wilson, Author of Amazon Bestseller Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction, TEDx Speaker

"Lisa and Jason Frost have offered a profound gift to parents, adolescents, teachers, and mentors. Drawing from their work in education and through a context informed by relatable stories, current data and research, they offer a template for parents and adolescents towards cultivating informed minds and compassionate hearts to build skills necessary to navigate today’s complex world."

- Gretchen Blycker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Instructor, University of Rhode Island

"Lisa and Jason Frost (...) strive to empower both young people and those who care about them to consciously and intentionally create lives of love and meaning both online and offline."

- Warren Binford, Professor of Law, Director of the Clinical Law Program, Children's Rights Advocate, Willamette University, TEDx Speaker

"Jason and Lisa Frost have identified the segment of our population most vulnerable to the addictive and transformational power of the internet...our children.  Their work raises some very important questions we must answer if we are to protect the most vulnerable among us." 

- Bill Johnson, U.S. Congressman

"We aren’t in Kansas anymore! Navigating the digital world is more complicated than ever. With all of its dangers and detours, we are called to steward that dimension of our lives. Lisa and Jason help the next generation of parents and children do just that."

- Mark Batterson, New York Times best-selling author of The Circle Maker

“Lisa and Jason (...) equip parents and professionals to empower teens to make healthy choices online that support both their short and long-term goals."

- Donna Rice Hughes, Internet Safety Expert, Author, Speaker and President of Enough Is Enough

“Ever parent knows the struggle of their children spending too much time staring at their phone, and the loss of development of the most basic skills of real, human social interaction. (Lisa and Jason's book), The Glass Between Us helps chart a new path on how to (...) reverse this dangerous modern-day problem."

- Adam Smith, U.S. Congressman



We speak and train in schools, churches, for parents, teachers and professionals working with youth.

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by guiding youth through the digital frontier? Are you looking for solutions to helping youth overcome destructive media habits? Have you ever wondered how teens can develop online habits that promote mental health? Do you want to know how teens can be empowered to reject pornography? 

You are in the right place.

  We Equip You to Empower Youth to Develop Value-Driven Tech Habits:


Youth understand where their tech choices are leading them.


Youth learn to protect their YES through healthy tech habits and boundaries.


Youth are empowered to be leaders, not followers in the digital age.


Youth discover their core values that govern their online choices.













This is our full-time calling and mission: that no one is left behind in this digital crisis.

This year, we launched our non-profit organization, Wired Human, to serve parents and professionals with the tools and solutions they need to empower youth to reject digital exploitation and pursue a life full of community, adventure and purpose. 


Tackling destructive tech habits together where youth reclaim a life free from digital exploitation, full of community, adventure and purpose.




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