As advocates, educators, researchers, speakers, and most of all parents of three, we relentlessly fight for a better digital tomorrow for our children. Kids deserve a digital world that has their best interests in mind.

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Our Story

What if we told you that the moment your child was handed their first smartphone, they received something more dangerous than any other weapon? 


My former 13-year-old student, Kerry, was no exception to this reality. Her nudes had circled through the entire school. She became severely depressed, and if things got bleak enough, she told her friends she had something in her purse to end it all.


We have worked with youth in Germany and the United States for nearly a decade and observed an alarming trend. 

Countless young hearts are being burdened by a trillion-dollar tech industry that monetizes their innocence and curiosity. Big Tech has staked its claim to this rising generation by pushing malicious and exploitative content as a fast track to meeting our children’s and teens’ most fundamental human needs. Every other child has experienced some form of abuse online.

We have devoted the past five years to research and wrote the book, The Glass Between Us – Empowering Youth To Combat Digital Exploitation. 

We are devoted to solving the digital health crisis among this rising generation through education, research and advocacy

We are calling this generation back to health, safety and a life of meaning and purpose, where digital habits support what they desire most in life.  

We are committed to advancing digital responsibility by supporting innovative tech solutions.

We are dedicated create space for kids to raise their voice. It should not be a choice. This is their right.

  • We speak in schools, businesses and churches on raising up a generation to be the first line of defense against digital exploitation by learning how to navigate online choices through a value-driven approach.

  • We raise awareness on online safety and empower this rising generation to take their power back, so digital choices serve their vision and values in life.

  • We advocate for a childhood that is not for sale, fighting for policies that allow kids to stay kids for as long as possible.

  • We serve families in the digital age by creating hands on material that allows families to confidently tackle tech biggest challenges.

Will you join our Wired Human family to help us to empower kids like Kerry to live a life free from digital bondage and addiction?


We are here for you and want to support you in the

fight against abuse online in all its forms. Do you have questions?

We would love to hear from you. 

Reach out at: info@wiredhuman.org