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Our Why

We believe childhood is not for sale. Yet, children get monetized, exploited and even abused online. Their engagement gets turned into profit, no matter what the cost, whether it is through pushing self-harm images, body distortion or sex on demand. Every other child has experienced some form of abuse online.


We can not longer accept that the institution of childhood is not protected online. We are committed to fight relentlessly to protect childhood innocence in the digital age.

Together with youth and leading experts in the field of child online safety, we drafted these White Papers to outline a path forward and share with leaders across tech, policy and advocacy.


The Campaign





In our work, youth have a seat at the table. We want to learn from their experiences and insights. We have failed to adequately protect generation Z online. It is time to learn from our mistakes and protect the generations to come.


We regularly bring together youth, legislators and top-level experts to discuss and develop the most essential child online safety standards that allow for "safety by design."


We act upon the insights from youth, families, and survivors of online exploitation. We

support legislative efforts like KOSA and Earn It that effectively protect kids online. 

Listen to Our Youth Advocates

Youth Advocate, 22

The effects of growing up on social media are exhibited through the body dysmorphia experienced by more than half of my friends, and how our identities and self-worth became dependent on numbers. The number of likes, number of comments, and number of followers

Youth Advocate, 20

Believe me, there hasn’t been a month that’s gone by since I was 13 where middle aged men aren’t in my DMs asking for “companionship” in exchange for cash.

Youth Advocate, 14

Our innocence isn’t a free market to be bought, sold, and exploited. We are human beings, not products to make money off of. We are not products, we are the future.

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