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Reclaiming Mental Health in the Digital Age

The mental state of this rising generation is fragile. Social Media, gaming and especially pornography contribute greatly to the decay. How can we reverse this trend?

How to Raise Porn Resilient Youth

Porn is omnipresent.The average age of -often accidental- discovery is nine years old. 88% involves violence. How do instill porn resilience?

Understanding Tech in the Context of Teenage Behavior

Tech is rewiring the teenage brain in ways we have never seen before. Understand how tech is influencing teenage behavior and how to channel their ultimate human longings for good.

How to Mentor the "Digital" Teen

Never have we experienced a bigger divide between generations than in the current digital age, yet our mentorship is more important than ever. How do we meet this generation?

Building Tech Habits that Lead to a Flourishing Life

Tech habits today often exploit what makes us human, undermines connection and leads to misery. We will show you how to inspire life-giving tech habits.

How to Combat Compulsive Tech Behavior

Youth are more addictive to technology than ever before. How can we establish healthy boundaries that support their liife goals and vision?


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Gretchen Blycker

“Lisa and Jason Frost have offered a profound gift to parents, adolescents, teachers, and mentors. Drawing from their work in education and through a context informed by relatable stories, current data and research, they offer a template for parents and adolescents towards cultivating informed minds and compassionate hearts to build skills necessary to navigate today’s complex world.”

Mental Health Counselor